Friday, July 05, 2013

I've been staying all over Malaysia for over a month now, and it seems that I'll still never be able to sample all foods from the three cultures (Malaysian, Chinese, and Indian) here! After visiting Cameron Highlands, Ipoh, Langkawi, Kuala Lumpur, Shah Alam, and what is deemed to be a city of food - Penang, I can still manage to find plenty of dishes that I haven't tried every time I walk out to the streets. 

I'm afraid I cannot provide you with an in depth post on any one of my destinations at the moment, but I will gladly provide you a few of the pictures that I've been taking with my new camera *yay*

Flying AirAsia - To Langkawi

The hotel's strip of the beach

Island Hopping

Waterfall on the mountain road to Cameron Highlands

We ate all-you-can-eat DURIAN from 2230-2400 (and also took much to many mangosteens that were beside us)

Shopping runs from my mother's blood to mine

Willing to line up 10-15 minutes for a famous street-side stall's dessert

Dinner starts at 2100 in Asia

There are 10+ types of durian for you to chose from here

And ~10 types of roti here

Satay is always well received by, well, everyone



Although I apply my SPF 60 sunscreen to all exposed areas of my skin religiously, I've still tanned *gasp*

Summer is forever here

I miss my dear friends greatly after not seeing them for over a month, and no amount of the delicious food I eat here can replace them (yes, I do happen to love you more than food, dear friends). I also miss baking because the cost of ingredients outweighs the cost of a really well-made dessert here (cream cheese is 12RM while a hearty-sized Japanese cheesecake is only 11RM)!

What are you missing in this summer season?