Browsing through my camera and photo albums (of course these aren't physical ones, but dated folders housed in a hard drive I'd cry if I ever lost), you'll find 90% food or food in the making. I love to eat and so that's why I love to cook. But I get lazy to cook for myself - creamy scrambled eggs with a layer of Japanese mayo (kewpie is some real good stuff. The Japanese knows how to make this condiment hella addictive), some fruits, some salad, some coffee, is what I eat when I have no other mouths to feed.

Desserts are made so that I can give them out to people - which is why I love making them so much.

I'll be delighted to know if any of my recipes have helped you make something delicious to feed your guests (or yourself). 

Places I eat - those are just fillers when I have no recipes to put up (which happens more often than not these days...). And because I really enjoy looking at food pictures and reading descriptions of dishes... are there are other people who have this guilty pleasure? Holla at mee

I'm also a backend engineer (GitHub)