Friday, August 30, 2013

During my one and a half month stay in Petaling Jaya (right outside of Malaysia's capital, Kuala Lumpur), I was lucky enough to be able to eat at this famous street side stall about four times.

Rojak is a mix of cut up things tossed in a sauce, and was what I waited in line for 15 minutes to eat. The rojak that I like the most is the Indian one, or what they call mamak rojak in Malaysia. 

Mamak rojak, or Indian rojak, consists of a variety of deep fried dough fritters (that have different taste and textures), bean curd, hard boiled egg, cuttlefish, grated cucumber, and grated all in a thick spicy and sweet sauce rich in ground peanuts.

There are many other places to eat rojak, and I find that each stall has their own rendition on it. After trying out a few, I can say that this roadside stall has the best and the forever-long-lineup of people will sure to agree with me. This is something that you must eat there since when you open it up at home in the plastic bag, you will find the deep fried dough fritters a bit soggy from the moisture from the vegetables.

After that you'll need a palate cleanser, and in a lineup (or sometimes cluster) of people a few tables down, you will hear the refreshing sound of ice shaving - the exact place to tend to your hot body (after standing on the roadside under the Malaysian heat of course).

Composed of freshly shaved ice, gula melakka (coconut palm sugar), green noodle-like jelly, red beans, corn kernels, and coconut milk.

Their home-cooked red beans are boiled in water, sugar, and a hint of salt (which gives this cendol its distinct taste). 

Also served is a cendol with glutinous rice, although most people just go and order a regular cendol which is served in a plastic bowl atop a plastic plate. You are then to leave the spoon, bowl, along with the plate anywhere in the vicinity as someone will collect it, wash it, and fill it with more for the next customers (the same goes for the rojak).

Cendol is something you can order at almost every food court (read about food courts in Malaysia here!) but if you've tried it before already, please do try this one because it has a very special taste you cannot forget.



After getting the OK from my dentist saying that I can go to the gym again a week after my wisdom teeth extraction I have indeed taken advantage of the fact that I'll only be able to go to my local gym a couple of weeks before I move back to Waterloo.

And so there I was so happy that I went to the gym until my friends proclaimed that they would be would be going to eat. At like 2300.

 Big Bang shrimp for those Big Bang fans

I gave in and shared a salad with my girlfriend who never goes to the gym except for that night

Well then please keep checking my blog for the remaining parts of my Asia trip - as I'm afraid it may take me several months and will power and the opposite of procrastination to deliver all the good food and destinations to your computer screen.

Who else is dreading the new school year?