Wednesday, November 06, 2013

For the past few weeks the SORTEDFOOD channel has been my most watched Youtube channel - I absolutely love watching them all cook together and cook delicious food. One of which is their butter poached pork:

Extremely easy to make and delivers moist pork. Here's how I made their version of butter poached pork:

Trim excess fat, cut meat to fit into a sturdy Ziploc bag

Season all sides with herbs (I used basil and thyme), ground pepper.

Place in your sturdy Ziploc bag along with salted butter.

Poach the bags in hot water for 20 minutes. Do not let the water boil or simmer! If it's steaming it's hot enough to cook the meat. 

Take it out of the hot water and rest the pork for 5 minutes inside the bag with the buttery juices. 

You then sear the pork in a hot pan with some olive oil to brown it nicely, and while it is resting...

Reduce the butter and pork juices in the plastic bags on high heat, and pour on top of the pork before you serve.

I roasted potato cubes with olive oil and salt to go with this one.
This pork was not seared so its still pretty pale on the outside. And I cooked apple-onion-butter & pork juices (from plastic bag)

If you don't have pork, do try this with skinless chicken breast because I think this method of cooking it will make the meat very moist.



Here is something I made for Halloween because it coincides with a friend's birthday.

Lime cheesecake with coconut crust

Lately I've been handling lots and lots of pork: poaching it, deep frying it, pan frying it - There's no end to what you can do with pork is what I feel like. So the next two posts will be of course some recipes for cooking with pork for lazy people

Because I am lazy. I like to cook, but I cook like a lazy person, always going for the shortcut to lessen time and effort *yay*

When do you feel your laziest?