Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Well here it is... a continuation of my current obsession of making chiffon cakes. Maybe it was because I had stopped making them for so long, that once I made my first one in a long time, I couldn't stop with once a week but upped it to 2-3 chiffon cakes a week.

But they're so light and fluffy - I could eat 2-3 slices at a time...

For a friend's birthday I took white chocolate candy melts (the white circles) as impromptu cake decoration to spell out the birthday message using peanut butter (because I only had white chocolate and writing white chocolate on white chocolate wouldn't be very well seen now would it)

Above is also a jar of peach jam made from a time when peaches were 0.29$ a pound and my mom and I went and filled two bags full of peaches. Only to find out that these were previously chilled and thawed upon selling. Rendering the peach flesh unpleasant to each fresh because it took on a powdery texture. And the only choice was to peel and then cook them to a compote (as pictured two pictures above) (just peach and sugar and a vanilla bean).

I don't want to leave home - so that I can have access to my fully stocked kitchen of baking tools whenever I want.

And bake things like this, which you can now bake too!

~ Ingredients ~

6 egg yolks (room temp*)
20 g white sugar

50 g oil (vegetable, corn)
100 g flour

60 ml warm milk (3.25%#)

6 egg whites (room temp*)
80 g white sugar

* Optional
# Can switch to water or lower fat % milk

~ Method ~

Beat A until pale yellow
Add B into A, mix well
Add C into A, mix well

Beat whites in D on low for 5-6 minutes (until foamy, small bubbles)
Beat whites on medium for 2 minutes until soft peaks

Gradually add sugar, beating on high until firmer, but not stiff peaks
(beating on high for less than 1-2 minutes is enough)

Pour 1/3 egg white into yolk, mix well
Pour 1/3 white into yolk, fold gently
Pour last 1/3 white into yolk, fold gently

Bake 30 minutes 350F in greased angel food cake pan
Place upside down when finished baking 

Remove from pan when cool

There you go. Now from the cooled cake, you can cut it into 2+ layers, add canned/fresh fruit in between, top/coat it with fresh whipped cream (never icing for a light cake like this one)

I put 2-3 tbsp of matcha powder into the flour when making green tea chiffon


Back when the weather was still above 15 degrees Celsius:

My team and I went to a park and had a bbq lunch:

It included too much food and we ended up bringing back a good third of what we had brought there, along with a stomach that could no longer fit any more.

The river where there was an old man who decided that it would be  

a nice place to fish some fish.

Dear readers - what have you been fishing lately?