Tuesday, May 10, 2016

For the past four months I've been in love with cold pressed juices. From fruits like grapefruit, berries, veggies like kale, spinach, to added stuffs like activated charcoal, cayenne, and oil of oregano (oh God that oil of oregano was killer and its taste was clinging onto my mouth and throat for life - never again will I try oil of oregano/cayenne-added juices). 
And for the first three months of the four, OJ's was under construction. But when it finally opened in April, I had already been part of the Belmonte Raw cult and was addicted (it's a healthy addiction though) to their Hydrate (activated charcoal, coconut water, lemon) - until OJs had little samples out at the front that lured me in on the way to work.
I had some green one and it was refreshing - not salad-tasting like some of the green ones at Belmonte, but more like a green lemonade.
But like any other place in the PATH, you can't just sell one thing and hope it'll rake in all the dough to pay your rent:
Owner Aly says people often come for coffee/espresso drinks with the almond milk that you may not be able to get at other cafes.

And a fridge-full selection of Kombucha (which was all the rage in Cali, but seems to not be as well known here...yet), coconut water, chia pudding jars, more juices!

Loving how flexible they are with what you want in your juices - though the menu lists exactly which fruits/veggies go in there, you're free to ask for substitutions: I've switched red apple for a green one, added kale/cucumber to ones that didn't contain it. 
One complain was the intense frothiness which filled up half the cup. Aly says that's where all the fibre and good stuff lies, and I told him a few ways they can turn that fibre-filled foamy layer to a fibre-filled layer of liquid so we can slurp it through the straw. Berry taste was amazing until you got to foam.
This espresso bean, cacao, banana, peanut butter and other stuff filled smoothie was super satisfying, but unfortunately, is unable to replace that morning caffeine fix we all need. Tasted like a blended up coffee + Reese. So good
Coming soon are their in house made organic green yogurt bowls which would be a great breakfast if you don't like the idea of replacing a breakfast/quick meal with a drink. Looking forward to the different toppings they'll roll out for these yogurt bowls soon!
Coming soon
OJ's Team

Big thanks to team at OJ's - always fuelling my juice fix

Was asked to make a wedding cake for a dear friend's wedding this past weekend (Congrats you two, who may not even be reading this right now cause you're busy eloping)
Oh silly me didn't bring camera for my cake's big day
Flowers are courtesty of a bouquet and a extra helping of baby's breath (the white one)
Sponge cake with three flavours (for the cake base): plain, coffee, cocoa
And the fillings: matcha cream, chocolate cream, peaches