Saturday, October 01, 2016

I really rarely eat ramen. The last time must have been last year, and I also happened to be in SF as well. Also have zero recollection of where it was in SF, or what ramen I ordered. In the back of my mind, ramen gives off an instant noodle vibe - which I love, when you scramble in an egg.

So we came here after a long day at work. Actually I'm not sure if it was long or we just happened to stay back later than usual. Seeing that none of us had consumed anything for our meal of the evening yet, one of us had suggested this very *amazing* ramen place that has notorious lines and a killer broth.

And the four of us embark on a ramen trip. Where there was no line and no wait for tables *gasp*
Chicken broth. Did they make this broth like how the French makes their beurre blanc? Cause the creaminess was no joke. A viscous broth with an equally intense and creamy taste that coats each ramen strand more than it needs too. Also very salty. The lack of veggies in this makes me concerned about my well being after a few spoonfuls of the broth. Okay.
The shoyu/soy sauce one is very different from the chicken broth. Not as salty and pleasant to drink. Clean taste - is that kombu I suspect? Reminds me of the clear korean soups too. Good.
Wow my favourite one. This soba has everything your soul desires: egg yolk, thick savoury sweet sauce, pea sprouts, more veggies than the other two, peanuts. Reminds me of the noodles we have in Malaysia. If only we ordered the spicy version of this. Good.
Between the four of us, we still managed to struggle to clean the bowls. This is the kind of food that knocks you out and makes you fall into an eternal slumber.

Good night dear friends.