Vicki Erica Chow

Backend Engineer | Aspiring Search Engineer |


project management | led, coordinated 4 projects with PMs, FE designers, QA
organizational | balances school, cooking, dessert-making, eating, working out (to eat more)
documentation | GitHub wikis, apiary, Atlassian Confluence docs, jsdocs
multilingual | English, Cantonese, Korean, Mandarin


languages | java, node, angular, python, php
data | pSQL, mySQL, elasticsearch, redis, firebase
apis | Stripe, Twilio, SendGrid, SoundCloud, Facebook Auth, Google Auth
aws | lambda, ECS, APIGateway, Alexa Voice Services
docker | built containers, built apps to run in containers

notable projects

backend api

zoohouse | 2017 06-now
implemented new data models, v1 api in nodejs + firebase
data and api migration from v1 to v2 python + postgres + elasticsearch
search related things, in postgres + elasticsearch

apple pay

symphony commerce | 2017 01-04
implemented Stripe's Apple Pay JS platform wide for all Symphony brands
JBrandJeans, Fiji Water, Fredericks of Hollywood, Krave Jerky are some of many users
increased conversion rate for qualified apple pay users from 1% to 5%

platform-wide site-wide search

symphony commerce | 2016 10-12
refactored existing elasticsearch implementation
introduced new methodology of creating new elasticsearch indices to ensure optimal search speeds in the future
sped up site wide search by 30%

data conversion system

statflo | 2016 1-3
created data import program to consolidate data from various systems into our own
led commission data reconciliation service
implemented rule engine to notify salesreps of anomalies during data import

internal reporting system

whitehat security | 2015 5-8
reduced internal reporting codebase by 50%
created customer facing dashboard displaying crucial 
streamlined existing ETL processes

data reconciliation initiative

maple leaf foods | 2014 10-12
created data consistency program to support marketing, logistics, sales, supply chain, finance
reduced data inconsistencies by 1/3 in 3 months