Wednesday, May 03, 2023

We aim to have one "fancy" dinner every time I visit SF. This time it was Kusakabe:
Before walking in, we were offered a cool (in temperature and taste) welcome sake in the cutest frosted cups. They hadn't gotten our seats at the time we requested and due to the small sized restaurant, we waited at the entrance for the former party to leave.

The menu seems to go on forever

Junsai Ichiban Dashi - junsai is harvested from the waterlily plant and has a pleasant slimy texture. The meyer lemon zest is refreshing, and we slurped this down too fast.

I love how the plates come with at least two bites of sushi - the pace of the dishes feel less rushed.

*Interesting* presentation of the sushi on the seaweed just like that.

Nothing remarkable except that the beef was LIKE BUTTER

My goodness this soup was glorious. The taste of corn was just sweet enough with the miso. Could have two bowls of this.

I love uni + ikura combos. A good creamy and poppy texture all in one.

I don't remember which sake we ordered, but I remember the need to take a photo of this glass because its paper thin, yet feels sturdy and won't crumble in my hands. The glass puckers at just the right places for your fingers to fit in perfectly.