Thursday, May 04, 2023


I rarely leave my home for drinks and food when I'm in Toronto, but when I do it's got to be an outstanding place, so I come to Grand Cru Deli.

Other than racks and racks of an amazing wine selection (you'll see that France dominates, being the first thing you see on the tables when you walk in), its cozy, intimate and they have napkins that matched my pants!

All their food changes seasonally so you are sure to get fresh ingredients and for me, that means I get to try a new menu every time (although I used to always still order the boquerones when I was Spain-sick)

Shareable dishes mean you can taste a bit of every thing with your friends! This was the duck and it was AMAZING. I would say it rivals with Botanist's duck when you take price and portion into consideration.

Carbonara because we could not resist.

They've got one of Canada's few master somm's in the house so you're sure to pick a good wine because all of them are well selected!