Friday, January 24, 2014

The never ending days of below 20 degrees is making me mourn the loss of Canadian summers, which I've missed last year. Perhaps you may feel the same as me if you've experienced the chill that lingers after two hours of outdoor skating. 

I think I shall renounce all outdoor activities for now until I can see green grass (not that I have been doing much outdoor activities anyway).

In the meantime, please have a look at a fraction of the Asia trip pictures that I still never got around to finish blogging about. So today, sit back, scroll down and let me whisk you away to Thailand (click for the rest)

Pulled milk tea. He danced around and not a drop was spilled. I'm still amazed.

Glutinous/sticky rice. My mom ordered all four colors, and specifically asked for no mango because she just wanted the rice and coconut milk and green beans.

Grilled squid with a set-your-mouth-on-fire green chilli sauce

The green noodles I love so much. So much. Condiments included chilli flakes, chilli oil, and white sugar.

Tom Yum soup

Coconut ice cream

Everything is either not spicy or super spicy. I love it.

Just how many coconuts' flesh did we eat, and coconuts' water did we drink? I don't know, but it was enjoyable each time. 

The 7-11s here are also the best. Because they have the best cup noodles and packaged stuffed white bread. That says a lot because I really don't like packaged soft white bread (It becomes pasty and glue like once it's wet in your mouth) *shudder*

The best fruit smoothies all the time here.

Salt covered fish stuffed with herbs, grilled whole. It was the most soft, succulent cooked fish I have ever had.

I'm hungry now


 Before going to the airport, we had to pick up some more food

Why did I put my face to the camera... I don't have a viewfinder on it...



This year marks the eleventh birthday of my bunny. 

The King's summer palace

Ever since I moved to Ontario, I've been able to visit my aunt who has no children but always a rabbit. They all live for about 5-6 years, so when my rabbit turn 5 I always hesitated to buy the large packages of food and wood shavings, in fear that he'll die before its all used up. But after he turned 6 I just kept buying the super large bags of everything again.

Dear readers, hope you stay warm this winter!