Tuesday, February 04, 2014

The other day I was looking at pictures from a blog, A Life Worth Eating, particularly, this post with mouth watering pictures of what seems to be an endless amount of sushi. When coupled with his very make-you-feel-like-you're-eating-it-there-with-him-in-the-restaurant, I almost teared at the thought of such delicious food.

Confession: this link is actually on my bookmarks bar (the fifth one to be exact). Every so often I click it, scroll through the pictures, reading the captions once, twice, then thrice, before I blink and realize I'm still at home, not having the sushi chef in front of me, preparing the uni and placing it on my plate.

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I cannot describe food as well as Adam from ALWE does, but I can show you pictures from Langkawi - an island in Malaysia that's very small and only has two-lane roads throughout. 

The weather was amazing during our stay. Our hotel had its own section of the beach, so most of the time it was just my mom, brother, and myself roaming on the shore.

Food was very very cheap. A take out box size of fried rice was a $1 CDN, and seafood dishes rarely exceeded $7 CDN. Need I say they were all delicious? 

Rambutans before dinner

Spicy mango and squid

Snake skin fruit

We also went island hopping, where you get on a boat and go to several smaller islands.


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Hotel lobby

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Come back soon - I'll be putting up a crispy choux puff recipe, which is really just a simplified cookie dough on top of the original choux pastry.

Dear readers, wishing you a happy new year!