Thursday, May 29, 2014

I made these tarts my first time about two years ago, with handmade tart shells because I was ambitious and made all 40+ of them 1.5 inches in diameter (bite-size small, and I have small bites) because I was even more ambitious. 

The ones from not too long ago

For birthdays, I will go all out and use it as an excuse to buy the most expensive ingredients and spend a ridiculous amount of time on the birthday dessert table. This year my mom's birthday was maybe an exception. Being short on time and short on hands, I opted for the shortest shortcut:

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The ones from two years ago

Using premade tart shells, a less-than-glorious cream filling made glorious only by the homemade vanilla-rum extract, and the always reliable Hero chestnut puree I put together this birthday dessert course in less than thirty minutes after dinner.

The result of improvising desserts is the absence of measurements.

~ Method ~

Take shells from freezer 10 minutes before you start making the filling.
Bake in a preheated 375 F oven while you make the filling, baking for 12 minutes.

Beat the cream cheese, allow a spoon for each tart.
Beat cream and sugar on high speed until peaks hold, add softened cream cheese and vanilla and beat until smooth. 
Pipe onto cooled shells.

Beat all ingredients in last column together until smooth.
Pipe onto piped filling.

My mom's friend came over to bring her homemade butter pecan tarts, something else my mom really likes:

And our dinner ended off with a duo of desserts and roasted cassia seed tea:


Not too long ago was my birthday. One of my girlfriends who eats more than I does, took me out to JaBistro. 

I brought my camera there, but it was on low battery, so I shot everything in RAW so I could edit them afterwards, instead of adjusting everything while taking the shot. 

The result? Lots of photos that I have to edit *already regretting*

Ahi tuna tartare

Dear readers, are you all enjoying the warmer weather yet?