Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The couple of days where I leave Waterloo and go home for the weekends are filled with food, lack of sleep, and zero homework/assignment accomplishment.

Pre-bbq food

I always come back to my excited mommy telling me what foods she recently stocked up in our fridge that awaits me. One week it was camembert and duck liver pate from a European supermarket.

The crusty, and soft baguette

No bbq here is complete unless there are satays

Marinated quickly in a mix of fish sauce, soy sauce, ginger powder and sugar, it is still a plain canvas after grilled  - perfect for dipping in a variety of sauces before you eat them.

Another week was my turn to stock the fridge with a hearty serving of brie from the farmer's market because of my mom's love for baked brie (with honey this time).

With a side of crispy lemon honey chicken

Home is always sweet when it comes with an after dinner dessert:

banana muffin / banana bread / banana cake

I make them with whipped yolks and whipped whites so they can be called cakes.


The waterfall like glaze of sugar

Krispy Kreme had a buy one dozen get the second dozen for 11 cents promotion one Friday. So we bought two dozen and I ate two on the spot. Two the next day, and two the day after that.

Happy Wednesday my dear readers - we're halfway there (to the weekend)!