Saturday, August 30, 2014

Three of my girlfriends and I spent a three days two night trip in Washington, DC - where I discovered my love for art galleries and taking lots of pictures. To the point where my friends started to seem rather distressed at my frequent pauses to take pictures.

All of us came to the consensus that the highlight of our trip was the two dinners we had after a long day of walking and sightseeing. But more on those two dinners in another post!

It was my brother's ninth birthday a few weeks ago and he specifically requested an OREO CAKE. He also said he wanted the type of cakes that have pieces of oreos on top, with icing and all. In other words, he wanted the kind of cakes you see in supermarkets, those iced with a thick layer of sweet sugary frosting covering a dense crumbly layer cake.

I used a oreo cookie that is typically used to make icebox (no bake) cake. It is a less dense oreo cookie without the layer of icing. This way the cookie base is less sweet, since I used sweetened shredded coconut. 

But that's not the kind of cakes I make. And it's not the kind of cakes we like to eat in our family. I stuck with his Oreo request and made a cake that we would all enjoy:

An oreo-coconut cookie base
A light vanilla bean cream and oreo mousse

And here is a no fuss recipe for the cookie base:
Equal ratios of crushed icing-less oreo cookie and sweetened shredded coconut
Half ratio of melted butter, mixed with the dry crumbs, pressed onto the bottom of any springform pan or lined cake ring.

A mousse recipe will have to wait as it requires many steps and I'm not down for explaining all of that here right now. But you can easily adapt any vanilla mousse recipe and add crushed oreo cookies to make a cookies and cream mousse!


It's the labour day long weekend! And here I am home on a Saturday morning/afternoon, waiting for my mom to come home so we can do our weekly grocery shopping and replenish the fridge and pantry.

Our first meal in Washington DC was from McDonalds

What else do I have on my long weekend list of things to do? (I just happened to come up with one this moment) Well let me tell you now:

I want to live in a pink castle like this one

1. Upload the many many pictures I need to post up on my blog
2. Bake some more
3. Blog some more

Wishing a happy back to school to those going back this Tuesday!