Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Cupcakes were all the rage at one point, and at that point I didn't like them very much. I liked (and still like) a good layered cake - to - cream ratio that is not very well represented in a cupcake.

They say the real way to eat a cupcake by cutting the lower layer off and sandwiching the cream with the upper half . But in realistic situations, you eat a cupcake not sitting down, with a plate, a knife (serrated one too), and a fork (optional of course), but standing up, trying to speak to the few people gathered around you, who are also fidgeting with unwrapping the wrapper and not make a mess of cream on their face.

But these cupcakes are slightly different: no, they don't have cream on top, and no, they are not baked in the paper pleated cupcake cups, but the sturdy cups coated with a wax lining on the inside.

What does this mean?

It means you can scoop it out with a spoon. Like eating from JELL-O pudding cups, but cake on the inside.

With wild blueberry sauce

In this cake, cheesecake, the Japanese one, which is not rich and dense, but light and fluffy.
(from Christine's Recipes, who provides no-fail recipes)



250 g cream cheese
250 ml milk
60 g butter

6 yolks

60 g flour
20 g corn starch

6 whites

130 g sugar



Melt A over low heat, mix

Add B, mix

Add C, mix

Beat D until soft peaks, medium speed

Add E gradually, beating high speed
Until soft glossy peaks

Fold V into III in three additions

Bake 150C
Small cupcakes: 30 minutes
2 Rectangle: 50-60 minutes
2 Round: 50-60 minutes

Let cool with over door open 10 minutes
Remove from pan
Cool completely
Chill in fridge 3 hours


You want to bake this on a low heat so the cake does not rise rapidly (causing cracks when it cools). Lower your temperature if you see this happening.

If the top gets too brown put a sheet of aluminum foil on top so it doesn't brown anymore.

Instead of placing in a waterbath (and having to wrap the pan in aluminum foil), put several ramekins of hot water in the oven right when you turn the oven on so its nice and humid in the oven before the cake goes in.

Chilled and not chilled makes a difference here - just like any other cheesecake.

Sweet cake

On a side note, Happy Belated Chinese New Years!

Radish cake


I'll be doing my co-op term in California this summer, in the Bay Area.
Where there will be lots of seafood (right?)
And lots of fruits (right?)

Or that just might be one of my many assumptions of California.

Oh yes, this weekend I finally tried Chatime (milk tea) and Baileys. apparently this has been a common practice for a long time because it is really delicious, and it is.

Green tea mousse, vanilla mousse, Baileys. Baileys is also good on any other sweet dessert or drink.

The Kalbi ribs from Spring Rolls in Toronto

Dear readers, have you started planning for your summer yet?