Tuesday, April 07, 2015

I'm a really lazy kind of friend. The kind that doesn't bother meeting up with my other friends because there is no one to drive me (because I don't drive unless it's to take my brother out to his extracurricular activities or friends' birthday parties = get mistaken for being a young mom).

Although I'm fully aware of it, I still haven't gotten rid of my lack of motivation. So here is to declaring yet another improvement I need to work on starting this year *yay*

So when I do get to see my friends who I don't see in a while, it is nice, and we go to eat food.

When we wake up early enough, we go for breakfast. But most of the time we don't and so we go for brunch.

My girlfriend had raved about how good the lamb sausage was one night after she went to try from their night menu. The bread was not a crusty roll as they had described on their menu. The disappointing bread was saved by the sweet caramelized red peppers. Could also be saved with a denser toasted bread that was not used as a vehicle for the sausage. Fries were sweet, salty, and just beautifully seasoned. I also asked for a side of mayo (to eat with the fries). Minus the bread = Good

I didn't eat the burger but had more of the fries from this (friend that visited and I shared the sausage and eggs benedict below). Loving the fries = Very good

Spinach would've been good if wilted slightly with some olive oil and garlic. Nothing special here, but the homefries were not amazing - no sweet/salty/seasoned flavours like the regular fries, but just the usual salt and pepper. Crunchier than the regular ones too because they're smaller. I prefer my fries a little soggier and softer. Okay

Bottomless self serve coffee from morning to midday all weekend. If you have a caffeine addiction that cannot be cured, this is the place.

Long communal tables, booths, smaller tables with shorter/higher chairs all available.

They're known for their guest beers, and their own brews. But it was too early for a beer flight.

Want to come back again for their late night menu + beers.


Sometimes when I discover something new and amazing I'll tend to make it whenever I get the chance. Like that one holiday season when I made a croquembouche to every holiday party.

Or last holiday season when we bought 7+ bries and baked them all in a similar fashion.

A very childish (impromptu) cake for a 24th birthday

Nowadays it's Peking duck at home.

I feel like this maybe (stressing the maybe here) deserves its own post. Again, maybe.

Dear readers, what is the new thing you've discovered this week?