Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Remember back then when there was this huge cupcake trend, and then not so back then when there was this huge cake pop trend (and also this mille crepe trend which didn't last just as long as the former two)?

Well now among Korean bars, the trend is kimchi fries and Korean meat tacos.

As with all my late night food outings, I never know which spot we'll be arriving at so this time I was smart and brought my camera hoping that we'll go somewhere new (which we did, hence this post).

We sat at a booth right where the entrance was and got the more-frequent-than-we-hoped blasts of cold air. But the alcohols kept us warm.

They have so much on tap. The list is endless. But we tried something I've never had that the guys thought were okay:


Had to also refrain from ordering soju/sake because that is a friend's Achilles's heel.

The kimchi fries (significantly better than Han Ba Tang, but we did order the bulgogi poutine or kimchi poutine, which sounds more impressive but really wasn't). They used sweet potato fries, enough kimchi so your weren't left with just fries when you finished all the kimchi on top. Enough spicy mayo, enough sweet teriyaki sauce. Good

There were only three of us, and the tacos come in 3, so we wanted to mix the combo and do 1 lettuce wrap (ssam) + 2 soft taco, but they didn't let us mix it. So we got 2 orders. Which was not that great because they are huge:

Soft taco was not warm (left-out-the-fridge-for-a-few-minutes temperature), the teriyaki chicken was also not that hot. Teriyaki sauce was the usual. The slaw was like any other slaw. Would've insisted on the spicy pork instead but was in the washroom during the ordering process. Bad

Lots of beef, lots of slaw. 2 layers of lettuce because this was a hefty serving. Would've eaten 2 if we didn't have the soft taco and wings as well. Will definity remake this at home. Very good

Liked how they have specific cups for each beer so you know which one you're reaching for when you drink. Good

Already too much food at this point...

Wings and fries. I think we ordered spicy honey or something else that was spicy and sweet. Was so full that I only had one wing part before they ate all the other wing parts and left the drumsticks (which I'm not too fond of). No comment

These fries were such a let down after the kimchi ones so I asked for spicy mayo. And look! She gave us three spicy mayos, for the each of us.

We never get cocktails but I wanted a non-beer, so sake+lime was the final pick. Good

2+ pints of beers and a couple of cocktails later, I was very satisfied and didn't feel that cold draft any more. 
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And then we left and started heading to round 2 (next post!)


I like eating very clean and "healthy" (that's all relative right?) during the weekdays so I can eat without worries on weekends:

Oh, and Chinese grocery shopping tip!

Always getting free roe from the fish monger *yay*

Befriend your fish monger/meat butcher and they will give you little things for free!

Dear readers, what is the new thing you've discovered this week?