Saturday, November 28, 2015

Happy Autumn weather, it seems how we can break out our beloved sweaters and winter coats and embrace the abundance of pumpkin and sweet potato flavoured things for thanksgiving.
This cake came about because mom made mashed sweet potatoes but with way too much brown sugar and butter. It was rendered impossible to eat as a side. It veered into dessert territory. So I decided,

It's too sweet to eat like this. I'll just make a cake with it.

It was so moist and soft. I didn't notice that I had been eating many slices until the 4th slice because it went down so easily...

You can just make this with mashed sweet potato that doesn't have sugar and butter in it. Recipe is as follows (bracket values are for those who have already sweet sugar and butter = leftover sweetened sweet potato mash)

8 yolks
120 g sweet potato mashed
60 g (40 g) oil
60 g milk

120 g flour

8 whites
100 g (70 g) white sugar

Mix A, add in B, mix well

Whisk whites in C on low until frothy
Whisk on medium until soft peaks
On high, add sugar in 3 additions, allowing 10 seconds of whisking on high in between each addition

Mix 1/3 II into I until well incorporated (don't be afraid to mix hard)

Mix another 1/3 II into I (mix a bit more softly now)

Mix last 1/3 II into I (fold gently)

Pour into oiled angel food cake pan.
Bake 350 F 40-45 minutes.
Cover top with foil if it rises too high and browns quickly.

I don't enjoy eating cake without cream. So I went out to Sobeys after the cake cooled to get myself some 35% cream.
Whisking it on high, poured a steady stream of what could be 3-4 shots of Baileys (the creme caramel flavour). And this way, you don't even need to add sugar in your cream. The alcohol cuts the greasy feeling and makes eating whipped cream feel light (though its quite the opposite).

Oh yes, and passing the sweet potato mash through a sieve will get rid of the stringy fibers - if you're not into that stuff weaved through your chiffon (I kept them all in mine - couldn't be bothered and qas quite lazy).

My toes are cold as I'm writing this. I dislike wearing socks at home and dislike wearing boots in the winter, which really doesn't go well with how fast the temperature is dropping these days.
Latte, coffee 
Lunch special (roast beef on rye, blt croissant, coleslaw, chips - which I gave to girlfriend cause I don't eat chips)

For a girlfriend's birthday we went to get our nails and toes done (probably the girly-est thing we've ever done to date) and had lunch at possibly one of the hipster-est cafe we've ever been to. 

Dear readers, stock up on flour and butter now - the baking season is on its way