Monday, November 02, 2015

We were actually doomed with forever eating dinner at times when the restaurants we wanted to eat were closed. So when walking back to the car, we'd frantically search through restaurants open near Current Location.

That had a table.

That had parking nearby.
So we went to this one. Although I was supposed to go to Phils BBQ as recommended by coworker who is oh so disappointed in me right now (I'll have to make a trip to San Diego again just to have some Phils BBQ).

I went in to get our seats first while the rest of spent a solid 20 minutes to find parking.
I found myself nursing what was called a Loving Cup. I remember it having black pepper, but no, there was not much spice. Very refreshing and thirst quenching. Okay
Was okay, probably wouldn't order again. Not feeling the cheese on this one here. The chips were not super crispy. A bit thick for my liking. Visuals were there but costed functionality: chips at the bottom ended up getting very minimal amounts of guacamole/toppings. Bad
Quesadilla should've been served on a well warmed plate so the cheese could stay melty longer. I think I'm only giving this an okay because I love melted cheese so much. Okay

After having Vallarta Express twice, it's rather difficult to say that there are other good Mexican foods. So this place was just meh.
Salad was far from delicious. The dressing was so not memorable, I honestly don't remember what dressing it was. Probably caesar. Bad
Tacos were not mindblowing. I have yet to ever try a corn tortilla and say "Wow, delicious because the toppings > corn tortilla". Every time I've had corn tortilla, the toppings were not great enough to overpower how much I am not fond of corn tortilla. Is it because it's dry? Am I eating it wrong? Please do tell me where I am failing at this. Okay
La Puerta Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Really liked the atmosphere here. Had a nice chat with the owner as well. The workers here seem to love working here, and it's good to see such a nice environment like that.
I think it was 4th of July weekend. There were fireworks. And the TVs played them live.


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