Wednesday, January 13, 2016

I miss the having a fridge full of Korean side dishes upon coming home now that I no longer live with Korean family. And so it suddenly feels so homey whenever I have Korean meals and see all the side dishes laid out on the table.
And so homey I felt when I saw my favourite side dish - the eggplant one laid in front of me :3 (first time I had this eggplant side dish was at Korean family's and it was soooo good, and I loved it so much, Korean mom made it for me several times after that - thank you :) )
Potatoes are the sweet salty one, but the less deep fried version so you can eat a lot not feel greasy.
Kimchi is not the fresh kind but on the more fermented side. Mushrooms were also the bomb (very good)
Pork bone soup was so hearty my friend couldn't finish:
Soon tofu was just as substantial. They will have already cracked a raw egg in the soup though, and it's nestled under the enoki mushrooms. I almost wanted to complain due to the lack of promised egg.
But it was there (see the yolk?):
I'm thinking that because it has not been opened for that long and because of it's off-location, this place is still quite new and clean. Food was good.
New Seoul Korean Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
Probably my new Korean go-to place in Mississauga because it's closer to my home than the TLKennedy soon tofu.