Saturday, January 30, 2016

It was very long, the line for this place, when we passed by after getting our coffees. 

As usual I have the most difficult time of my life when there are too many choices in front of me:
I had to take a picture of the menu cause my eyesight is bad and I needed to read it from my camera instead
I said, okay I will get ice cream sandwich because that's what they do here. But was already super full from lunch sandwiches so I decided on no cookie.
And then settled on the cup of almond ice cream
But was still wishy washy and ended up telling the girl to change it to ice cream sandwich
She was like, girl, are you seriously making me change your order like more than once?
Seems you can mix in toppings like cold stone (the steel counter railing is a chilled one)
Cookie was warm and ice cream melted fast
We devoured the whole thing in store


Whenever i look out the window now it's very gloomy and looking like it's going to rain...
Sun shining in Stanford

Because the weather affects my mood quite a lot (though I wish it didn't so I could be happy and bubbly sans sunshine)

Dear readers, your favorite weather is...?