Thursday, March 10, 2016

There's this youtube channel I watch consistently (there are ones that I don't frequent because the content is not the most interesting --> really all channels except for this one I am going to disclose), called Munchies. 

The series, Chef's Night Out, is the one I watch to decide where I want to eat next (Night and Market was one of them), and Guisado's is another. Basically a bunch of chefs plus their friends going out for drinks and food for a night, and Guisado's was one of the restaurants where the chefs went out.
I only started liking Mexican food ever since I worked in Bay Area for a bit (but to be honest, I don't think I've had any Mexican food besides a quesadilla at Taco Bell, which cannot even be deemed as Mexican food, I'm afraid). And so since the start of my love for Mexican food, I've been very open to saucy meats on soft corn tortillas:
I love the chili verde here, it's not too spicy and would be nice if it was spicier. It's heavy cause it's meat but fresh because, chili verde, and if anything, it's the verde part of the chili verde (I'm assuming verde = green here, correct me if I'm wrong. I could easily Google up the actual translation here as I'm typing this too, but I'm not) that makes it so fresh and pleasant to eat. 
The seafood one here is grilled fish, and topped with dressed salad (cabbage, onions - too much and too raw. I should have had the seafood one first so that the meat could somehow overpower the raw onion taste in my mouth).
Cousin got the steak as well, and a chicken one I think. I added a beer to start my morning which I immediately regretted like 15 minutes into the meal and realized I should have just stuck with my routine morning coffee, which I ended up having later (I think).
We sat on the outside seats. A man came by during our meal and asked for a smoke. And to light it for him too
Guisados West Hollywood Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
  Then we went to Santa Monica Seafood, where cousin previously bought some really good candied salmon (I had a version of that from Waterloo, but it wasn't as good as this one, which is less hard/dry and jerky-like). I didn't end up taking a picture. We snacked on it at home in the morning or night or both times of the day.

From here we went to Santa Monica Beverley Centre, where I almost bought a rimowa luggage but cousin stopped me and I ended up buying two other suitcases at a price still much less than that light pink rimowa one I slightly  do not regret not getting.


We went to santa monica beach that night: