Tuesday, June 25, 2019

This has got to be the best deal of a korean dinner I've had in LA. We got a seafood bbq set for $60 USD and couldn't even comprehend the amount of food that came with this set. 
Spicy salad


I was probably really hungry at this point

Ahjumma arrived with an overflowing tray

So many layers of food..

We eat kimchi like veggies

The toppings on the shellfish!!!

Can't beat charcoal. They also throw in some sweet potatoes in there so you can have at the end of your meal


Bossam comes as a side dish!?

Cheese corn also 

A marinated cold cooked meat and lots of onions 

They cook all the seafood for you - you only need to sit back and eat nom nom

Was lovely watching these pop open

Some ramen and fish cake included on the grill

Hagfish! it danced around as it cooked and was delicious. Jolgi jolgi texture

Foiled up are some oysters

That are nice and plump the moment they are unwrapped

And ending off the meal is the kalguksu, and potato and goguma that was nestled in the coals beneath

Sweet seafood broth