Sunday, January 08, 2017

Why my love for izakayas is greater than yours:
1. the variety of small-portioned dishes allow me to eat a greater variety without sacrificing stomach space
2. pork cheek is almost always on the yakitori option (and I love pork cheek/neck/jowl)
3. my alcohol tolerance increases, and devastation of hangovers decreases when consuming asian alcohols

The most delicious firm-ish tofu ever. The texture holds, but is also soft. Creamy, but with a touch of graininess. It is accompanied perfectly with the freshly grated wasabi and a clean tasting soy sauce.

Lovely sauce here. The tomato was a beautiful addition. 
I believe that there is a anti chicken breast field emitting from my body as I'll never buy it nor will I order a dish containing it. But friend who says, let's order the chicken breast yakitori, has defied my wishes. I ate a piece and was mindblown. Wtf is this tender piece of what I had previously perceived as a cardboard of a meat. So juicy, soft, flavourful (the japanese have a knack for seasoning savoury grilled foods really well. I suppose it is so that it can be better accompanied with beer). My anti chicken breast field shall not only be turned off when I'm in Rintaro.

The outside area where you can enjoy some okonomiyaki on Thursday nights. They'll bring it to your table if you're dining at Rintaro and there just for the Japanese pancake.
The crowd of Japanese people just chilling out here makes it all feel so authentic and real deal. 
Okonomiyaki courtesy of the stall just beyond the doors of Rintaro - all with their own tables and steady gathering of peoples constantly ordering. I love that they bring it to your table inside of Rintaro. Other than that, it's pretty mediocre. Probably would not order again.

Omg doneeee. Getting ready for the next post now.
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