Saturday, November 26, 2016

I HAVEN'T BAKED IN SO LONG. Actually I have but never got around to putting it here...
cut and serve 
It's been a hassle to edit my pictures cause I had to partition my Windows machine to Windows/Ubuntu and I use Ubuntu around 96.7% of the time. So why do I still keep windows? For goddamn Photoshop. It is time. To purchase a mac.
Trying to fit as many as possible onto the sheet
When I got around to not be lazy and boot from windows; did this long editing marathon and was exhausted.
my babiessssssssss
So I had this urge to make cream puffs and this dream to fill it with chestnut + choux cream. I've been making so many mont blancs every time we got a batch of chestnut puree and I was not down to make tart shells to make use of the chestnut puree and fulfill my chestnut love.
100% chestnut puree + vanilla creme pat.

I wanna eat you everyday. But filled differently
That is all.