Thursday, May 11, 2017

This is supposed to be some fusion-y (pretty much most restaurants in sf are fusion-y in some way) Thai cuisine place, specifically an italian-thai fusion. We, however, did not happen to order any of the seemingly fusion dishes (a thai flavour infused risotto amongst them)

Wow this place is rather pretty inside. We loved the white decor. And the ribbons on the lightbulbs made it feel like there were birds flying up above.
Wut. A salad on top of omelette. Our initial thought.
Oh here are my fuudz. The sausage. The carrot (I wish it were finely julienned. Or pickled. Not a big fan of large strips of raw carrot) was sad. The sausages were super salty. The egg was also super salty.
Ah - that is why they gave us this spring mix on top. So that we could eat it with the omelette which was seasoned with a heavy hand of salt. There was minced pork in there as well. But all I could think about eating this was salt.
SO COCONUT CREAMY. Wow. But even still, it was incredibly spicy *yay*. What meat was this? Maybe lamb, or beef. Also has lots of those little round green eggplants. Yum yum. 
How did they know I over(re)acted about the omelette? They appear to be low key calling me out here... 
We ordered this roti paratha for the curry. This is probably the best dish of our entire meal here. Freshly stretched and fried. So light, and the layers - the layers! We ordered another one of these even before we demolished the first one.
We were not satisfied with out carb intake. And wanted to increase it. With the consumption of pad thai. This was pretty sweet. Too sweet for me likings. Oh well. 
Would I go back? Not for the food at least. Maybe to take some pretty pictures of myself.
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