Monday, November 27, 2017

We made it to the corner of 6th and Kenmore. Hungry, thirsty, and ready for some korean bbq. Quarters seemed to be hyped up quite a bit recently, and a couple friends had gone and said it wasn't bad.

The green onion salad (shredded green onions, spciy/sweet/sesame oil sauce). SO GOOD.
It was a tough decision. Do I return to my beloved HangHoDong BaekJong or try out a new place for once? The line was empty for both (it was around 1400 and we were far far away from the 2 hour queue that would ensue come dinner time). My parents said, you've already been to this KangHoDong one how many times, why not try a different place?

Ah yes. Make this very difficult decision for me.
Upon walking in, I'll say that the smell is less strong than it's neighbouring kbbq place (pretty important, because after kbbq you usually smell of smoke and meat and oil. . But is it better tasting?
After they sat us down mom attempts to get her share of eye candy and wave down the servers who were all potential kpop stars (in her eyes). Dad and I flip to the drinks list and telepathically agree on the pitcher of Sapporo.

We only ordered a few cuts of meat because I expected a tremendous amount of side dishes, some dwenjang jjigae, and also the steamed egg because they give you all that (and more) at the neighbouring kbbq. We got neither.
This here is a potato salad. Beside it is kimchi jeon.
This place is full service, so you don't need to do any flipping or cutting yourself (seems to be the case for many kbbqs in LA ktown though). The brisket comes first as it cooks the fastest (is that really the reason why? It just seems like brisket is always the first cut that gets served). Was just like any other beef brisket slice. Okay.

Actually now that I look, I remember we ordered beef brisket and beef belly.
The belly was no more amazing tasting than the brisket. At this point I wish I had gone to KangHoDong.

But people are going to hate on me and say some sort of the following: "Oh what do you know, you've only gone to Quarters once", "But you only had two cuts of meat, how can you say another place is better already"
Unfortunately, I must shrug and disregard those comments. 

Short ribs, not marinated. One of my favs. I can't say this is the best one I've had but it wasn't bad. Okay.

They gave us two kinds of greens. The leafy one here appears to have been taken with an exceptional amount of blur. My apologies. Pretty standard salad.

We killed this plate of broccoli. I sometimes still have trouble spelling this cruciferous vegetable.

Still trying to figure out why this place is so hyped.... *the thinking emoji face*
Also the spacing and font is so messed up for this post. Why :(