Thursday, December 27, 2012

Today's post will try and contain of all that's been going on before and nearing the beginning of this hectic holiday season.

I went shopping with my Mom for Christmas gifts at Vaughan Mills a few weeks ago - which made me never want to go shopping in December again. There was just so many people. Not only in the stores, in line for the cashier, in line for the fitting rooms, but also in the hallways of the mall too. I never thought that I would have ever said this, but at that moment, I just didn't want to shop anymore. The crowdedness just made shopping extremely unappealing, and all the stores just seemed like a mess from everyone rummaging through the items. 

Anyway, after finally being relieved from the heat of the people in the mall, we went over to a friend's to have dinner. 

 Roasted duck

A Vietnamese pork thing (I don't know the name)

Stuffed and pan-fried green peppers

Duck wings

Chinese BBQ pork

I really like that Vietnamese pork: it's spicy and has a nice crunchy bite, and it's good with a meal and also good as a snack :) 

I've been rather lazy in cooking for the past two weeks because of exams, but I still ate really well. The second time I had Popeye's chicken was during exam week, and here it is:

Much better than KFC

We first ordered this through the phone to get delivery (because we had a coupon for delivery over $30). And to our dismay, that certain location didn't accept coupons, and said that they don't deliver until 1600. So we hold off having fried chicken for lunch, and agree that we'll have it for dinner instead (not cooking dinner = more time to study).

1600 rolls around, and we call them again to get 6 orders of the Thursday special. What did they reply with? "Sorry, we don't deliver that." With that, we hung up and went to Popeye's ourselves. Yes, that was quite a hassle, but that chicken was amazing. But full meals always trump chicken wings -

So... much.. food...

With two exams still to be written (and which I have yet to study for during that weekend), I still went to this pre-holiday dinner - where we didn't have to prepare any food, but simply bring a gift for a Secret Santa exchange (I ended up with a cheese knives set, all in a pretty box which I at first thought held poker chips). 

For some reason, the fact that exams are nearing never seem to taunt me until 12 hours before the exam. So, a day before the exam, I ended up in a Spring Rolls buffet.

We chose the premium option because it has steak and dessert. 

Lobster avocado salad. 

The thing I like about this place is that it serves Thai, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese food in buffet style - and they make it all pretty well for the buffet option. *impressed*

The light inside constantly changed colors every ten seconds or so, which resulted in the absence of decent white balance.

Oh yes, and I wanted to tell you about that little cube on the bottom right. It was one of the deciding factors of choosing to eat at this place - deep fried cheesecake. It's not something that I'd do at home (deep frying still isn't really my thing - uses up too much oil, clean-up is brutal, and oil burns hurt), which is why it was great to have it for dessert here. 

My mom had already started the holiday baking when I came home from exams *yay* - so I came home to the smell of eggs, butter, and flour :)

Sponge cake and mini butter cake

Last year, we gifted cake on a plate as presents, and this year, we did the exact same thing. Since we need to bake so much, we went crazy when we saw that the Lactancia butter, which originally ~$6 and is also one of the the best tasting butters in local supermarkets, was on sale for three dollars, we bought 13. The cashier lady gave us a look when she saw the butter on the conveyor belt (that's what it's called, right?).

Yes, I bought 13 of these.

I'll have to end here because I have lots more to say in my next post (tomorrow), about how I use up the butter.



I'm too afraid to weigh myself on the scale for now (after too-many-to-count consecutive dinners and lunches with people) - so I console myself by making use of my gym membership this winter break. Tonight I'll be going skating, so I persuaded myself that it's okay to skip today's gym session.

I wish I looked this determined when I'm at the gym.

I accidentally burned my finger with hot sugar the other day while making a ************* the other day, and now it has turned pretty nasty looking. Despite that one incident, I proceeded to make that dessert another two times this week! 

I have to admit, I think I'm getting pretty good at making it now. *feel like a pro*

Have you been enjoying your holiday dinners/lunches/breakfasts so far? and...

To my overseas readers in Asia and Europe, Happy Holidays! :)