Thursday, January 31, 2013

Today is Farmer's Market Thursday, so my friend Sunny and I took the bus very early in the morning to journey out into the blistering morning weather. When we turned around the corner of our building, a tsunami-like wave of wind came upon us - which caused us to immediately retreat back behind the building where the wind was blocked off. After standing there in shock (due to the tsunami-like wind) for a few minutes, we decided to reroute our walk to the bus stop (which was successful *yay*) to avoid the tsunami-like wind (yes, it was rather INTENSE).

The inside of Stone Crock restaurant

While on the bus to the market, I kind of knowingly missed the cue to pull the "STOP REQUESTED" thing on the bus, so we missed the stop to the market. After staring at each other blankly for about three seconds, we thought of a simple solution: keep riding the bus to go to St. Jacobs and eat breakfast!

A warm fireplace to make you want to stay seated longer

This morning, I only had a lemon-honey-water drink, so I felt quite up to try the Breakfast Special (for only $4.99!) I saw last time I came to St. Jacobs.

I forgot to mention it also comes with baked beans - but I told the server I didn't want it

This breakfast was just as hearty as I had expected it to be - a mound of crispy hash potatoes, a big juicy sausage, buttered and toasted multi-grain bread, and two eggs made to your liking. 

In addition, we get bottom-less coffee or tea! (I like my coffee with a 2:1 ratio of milk and cream - no sugar please!)

I asked for my poached eggs to be runny, and the yolks came running to me (:

The sausage was doused with honey because I think it suits the sausage more than ketchup paste. 

This breakfast was amazing - as I ate quite a hefty amount of it despite my lack of appetite for the past three days. However we did have to pack some of the sausage and potato home because there was no way we could have devoured the entire serving (before we ordered, my friend suggested we share one, but I said "no". I should have listened to her).

We headed to the bus stop after eating to make our way back to the market to do our grocery shopping. And suddenly, the sun decided to shine so beautifully upon the side of the street we were standing on. What a great opportunity to take beautiful pictures! (:

My rabbit fur hat was going to fly away, hence my awkward poses

During those 15-20 minutes of us being like tourists and taking pictures with the buildings and scenery, we kept looking at the street to see when the bus would come - but it seemed like it would never come...

The gorgeous river

Until we were taking pictures again, and the bus drives right pass us! Eventually, we get on the next bus and arrive safely at the market where we bought a variety of fruits... And wait, I'm trying to think of something else we may have bought there, but I can't. It was actually all just fruits. 

My skin looks beautiful without BB cream today - thanks to my twice daily lemon water (:

If you are around the Waterloo area you must definitely try Stone Crock Restaurant (they have a bakery right beside) for breakfast. The atmosphere there is quiet and cozy, which was a rather relaxing start to my day. 



The caffeine fix from this morning did wonders to me at the gym this afternoon. I was able to prolong my cardio-workout to 47 minutes (I usually end around 35). I'm not sure if my appetite increased due to the extra amount of exercise, or whether I just forced more food down my mouth today than the past few days.

Why of all times do I have to feel like this now?

It's like my stomach's refusing food.

On a brighter note: the weekend is nearing, so what better way to welcome my two favourite days of the week (Saturday and Sunday) than with some delicious dessert!

I'll be making a new entremet (layered mousse/sponge/sometimes-fruit cake) tomorrow and I shall have to tell you all about it after it has been completed, tasted, and critiqued.

Oh and, my face finally appears on this blog! *yay*

Is there any food you are looking forward to over the weekend?