Monday, January 14, 2013

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While waiting for my other friends to come I take pictures.

Have you met my love for butterfish?

A craving that's been lingering around for more often than not is my sudden need for sashimi once a week or once every other week. And that's how I ended up choosing JJ Japanese Thai restaurant to eat all-you-can-eat for dinner:

There's so much variety here, but I still can't get my mind off that salmon.

The atmosphere was really nice and quiet, and the washrooms were beautiful (which is the main thing I use to judge the overall cleanliness and quality of the restaurant). The only thing I didn't like about JJ was the service we received from the servers. They seemed rather unenthusiastic and got several of our orders wrong (she often gave us different sashimi from the ones we told her we wanted). But oh well - we can always get more!

We paid an average of $35 (some got more drinks than others), but I can see the differences in sashimi when going to a nicer AYCE now: the size and thickness of each slice is similar to sashimi from an à la carte menu. 

Butterfish and salmon tataki - sashimi that's lightly seared on the outside

Determined to make our money's worth of this place, we tried to order a lot of the sashimi as well as other seafood dishes. My favourite seafood dish was the salmon tataki because the sauce that they pour on top is a bit spicy and cuts the fat in the salmon really well! The one thing I didn't like about the salmon tataki was that they seemed to be coated with crumbs!

Beef tataki

I ate with one of my friends who is 99% carnivorous, so we got several orders of the beef tataki - which was also extremely delicious. The deep fried garlic slices went well with the softness of the nice and rare beef (I love it that way). Very tender and a must-order-as-much-as-you-can dish if you happen to be eating their AYCE option.

Chicken teriyaki

The chicken teriyaki was grilled, but still very moist and flavourful! Though most of the vegetables that were underneath the chicken remained uneaten, it was taken away by the server who knew that it probably wouldn't get finished. She was right - it wouldn't have, as our mouths were too occupied with meat, seafood, or the foods of the deep-fried kind. 

Mini sushi pizzas

I was disappointed but also relieved because the piece of rice was so small. Disappointed because since it was such a thin piece of rice it was dry after being deep-fried. But glad that it was small because it didn't fill us up too much.

Deep fried gyozas

My most memorable memory of going to Krispy Kreme was not the gush of their distinct smell that goes through your olfactory senses the moment you walk in, nor was it watching the bare doughnuts roll through the waterfall of white glaze - the sense that retained my most memorable Krispy Kreme moments was none other than my sense of taste!

The guy shoots rings of chocolate batter into the hot vegetable shortening

This doughnuts are covered with a thin layer of their sweet glaze

A while back, the Krispy Kreme workers would kindly offer a freshly fried and glazed doughnut off the hot rolling racks to whoever went in and asked (I would often go for seconds and insist that I needed to give one to my dad - which was, of course, not true, because I would end up eating the second one too!).

The cashier lady kindly microwaved a few for us so we could eat it "fresh"

Now, free doughnuts from my favourite doughnut shop no longer exist - so my excitement that bubbles when I see the "Hot Now" sign lit up no longer bubbles as much as before. But the absence of free doughnuts will never stop me from satisfying my Krispy Kreme cravings!

One last need that must be continually satisfied is my need to take pictures of the foods I am about to eat - before it is eaten. And so this weekend my breakfast was delayed for 10 minutes as I tried to find the better plates, cups, and positions that the foods would look best in. All that time spent was just to capture this:

Good morning food!

My mom made a sponge cake with kabocha squash, a Japanese pumpkin (remember how I said I liked pumpkin flavoured things and eating kabocha?). Along with two nicely ripened kiwis, a Korean persimmon (which has seeds!), and a cup of hazelnut coffee, I enjoyed the relaxing breakfast I've been longing for.



I went into the holiday break with the mindset that I'd be able to catch up on my missed hours of sleep - but I was wronged. Those two weeks didn't do much good to my black circles and under-eye bags, so I hope to be able to sleep more this school term (which I doubt will happen too *sad*)

Recently discovered that sleeping on my back is more comfortable that I thought it was *yay*

Oh yes, since I went back home this weekend, I had my typical weekend diet which meant of dimsum Sundays.

Do you have a typical weekend/weekday diet? What does it consist?