Thursday, February 07, 2013

Maybe you have read and remembered that in my previous post, I mentioned that I would be making an entremet and that it would have to be tasted and critiqued before it made its appearance on my blog. And so I have created this layered dessert, I had people eat it, and I had people say some things about it.

Nice lighting makes my food look mouth-watering from every angle - don't you think so?

"It's so yummy!" "It's really good!" "It's [adjective of very] [adjective of delicious] [exclamation mark]"

An example of terrible lighting = terrible looking dessert.

I was constantly tasting each component of the cake as I made it, but I wasn't the first one to take a bite of the full thing - so I was rather nervous as to how it would taste since I never made cinnamon mousse before.

But it yielded only positive responses (how nerdy is it that I picture graphs of functions in my head upon typing the word positive)! So here is a breakdown of the cake that is making me think of whether or not baking should be more than a hobby:

From top to bottom: green tea chocolate, Italian meringue, caramelized banana, cinnamon mousse, milk chocolate mousse, cinnamon mousse (again), coffee sponge soaked with coffee syrup

I've been into boozy baking: Oatmeal cookies with rum raisins

My Mommy doesn't like it when I make these time-consuming desserts. She doesn't understand why I would take so much out of my day to construct such a cake - when I could simply make a plain cream-and-fruit-filled-sponge and be done with it. I tell her that since 

"You're not the one making it, you shouldn't worry or be concerned. So just eat and smile so I feel encouraged to be a better baker (:"

My babies are baking

But of course, I cannot spend all my time on these layered sweets. I have gotten into a habit of baking cookies late into the night. It's quite a blessing that my neighbours have yet to complain about the noise of my electric beater past one in the morning (I appreciate you, my neighbours, for not getting angry yet).

Oh yes, and another habit, which I'm afraid has become rather of an addiction for me lately, is going to the gym! I feel super motivated to go - it's almost as motivating as FMT (Farmer's Market Thursday)! Today is indeed Thursday, and so I went to the market and bought some bread. 

My brunch, to which I added much more cream after taking this photo.

The bread guy at the market (who calls my friend and I "Cantonese" as though it were our names) sells 2 bread for $5, but usually sells 3 for the price of 2 for us. Today, however, we were given another extra bread - so 4 for only $5!! I made it into egg-y cinnamon French toast, and topped it with some lightly sweetened Chantilly cream (essentially whipped cream) and honey.

Lastly, I'd like to end today's post with what I usually start my mornings with:

 My caffeine addiction has returned! Besides buying milk tea and coffee when I go out, I make it too often at home. So I try to make smoothies more often as an alternative to coffee - but I don't think it works that way ):



In addition to caffeine addiction, my appetite has also returned! *yay*

I had AYCE with a long lost friend today. Afterwards, we accidentally took a detour and wound up on a sketch part of the road which had no lights and barely any cars O_O But we eventually turned back onto the right side of the road.

CNY (Chinese New Year) is near - food and money is near.

So last week's dilemma was loss of appetite, and this week's dilemma is:

My super dry-all-the-time throat.

I really hope that it somehow recovers so I can eat all the delicious not-good-for-the-throat Chinese New Year food this weekend!

Chinese people are auspicious when CNY rolls around. For example, you cannot cut your hair for thirty (ish) days from the start of new year, or you "cut off your fortune".

Happy CNY everyone!