Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Happy Chinese New Years! Although I am a bit late from the first day of the new year, CNY is typically celebrated for 15 days after the first day of the new year (: Besides coming back for red pocket (envelopes with money) from family and friends, the other big factor to go home is to spend time with family and eat meals together. Here are some pictures from the first meal I ate on new year's eve.

XO sauce fried turnip/white radish cake

Deep fried doughnut (not sweet nor salty), to be eaten with congee

Deep fried fish skin (we eat it dipped with the clear broth)

Along with congee and fried vermicelli, my late, late brunch was finally satisfied. Daddy and I went to the Chinese restaurant Sam Woo for the crispy-skin pork. The line was almost a 15 minute wait, and by the time it almost got to us, only the pork butt was left and a new whole pork hasn't finished roasting yet. To top that off, neither of us had enough cash cause I forgot my wallet at the book store (which thankfully was there when I went back to retrieve it).

Crispy skin pork

BBQ duck

Vegetarian dish with lots of deep fried soy bean curd

More vegetarian food. The round slices with holes are lotus root

Steamed fish - my favourite part of this is the cheek

Chinese braised mushroom and dried oysters (making it have a super concentrated flavour)

Chinese new year cakes (it's sticky and chewy)

Deep fried egg chip/cracker? I really don't know, but it's really yummy!

Before the week of the new years, my throat was incredibly dry and I kept steaming the Asian pears to eat because it's supposed to be very good for your throat. 

After cutting the top off like a lid, scoop out the seeds then fill it with honey and jujube. Replace the top part of the pear and steam it for a good 40 minutes so it becomes soft and sweet.

Sweet Dreams is the name of a bubble tea cafe in Waterloo, and recently, the manager asked if I would make some mousse cakes and cupcakes for her to sell there! And so I made mousse cake and cupcake and sold it there.

It feels so nice to see your cakes inside a display thingy

I wish I had more interesting things to say, but I hope my pictures speak more to you than the words which I am typing now - as I've been through an exceptionally busy week for some reason and feel rather exhausted *yawn*



This upcoming week is our reading week and I will be going to a multitude of places:

1. Pennsylvania's Grove City Outlet and Millcreek Mall
2. Buffalo's Walden Galleria
3. Montreal & McGill University
4. The autoshow in Metro Toronto Convention Centre

CNY (Chinese New Year) is near - food and money is near.

I don't know which one of the four I should be most hyped up about because they each encompass my favourite things: shopping, food, cars. 

Please be on my blog again soon when I will be posting up pictures of my adventures in the US, Montreal, and Toronto!

This is dough which was made into something delicious that I will post up next time!

Wishing everyone who has reading week this week an amazing break from your studies (: