Friday, April 26, 2013

I first came about this restaurant a good four or five years ago. Back then I shared the Reuben sandwich with Mommy, and since that moment, I have been enlightened with the magic of Montreal smoked meat.

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Pretty and fresh smelling lavender

If I remember correctly, the menu has been the same from four-five years ago until now. I'm not complaining

Pumpernickel and sourdough bread

We started with bread, but when it came, the bread wasn't warm, and the butter wasn't room temperature (so the butter was remarkably difficult to spread). But the sourdough tasted alright.

Ham and Brie sandwich: with pears, spinach, and a grainy honey-dijon mustard

Mommy and I had a Ham and Brie sandwich. It was filled with everything I love: pear, honey-dijon, spinach, ham, and brie. Oh yes, and encased in multigrain bread *yay*

Curry seafood soup

The there were three daily soups, and we chose the curry seafood one I believe. Of course, I didn't expect any flavours close to the actual curries I've had, but I still didn't like it in the end. They added short noodles, which didn't help the thinness and blandness of the soup ):

Caesar salad and cream of broccoli soup

Daddy ordered a caesar salad, and a cream of broccoli soup. I didn't try any, but he said it was good. I think the bacon on the salad could have been cut up a bit more so it's easier to eat with the lettuce.

Kid's burger with fries

Brother ordered a burger with fries from the kid's menu. It was a rather large-sized burger for a child, so he only ended eating half of it (but yes, he devoured all the fries). The burger came with a side of the three basic burger condiments: ketchup, mustard, and relish. 

California wrap

Our friend ordered the California wrap, which I did get to have a taste of. I really liked the ginger-mango chutney, as it gave the wrap that special touch to make me remember it much different from other wraps. And especially like the avocado spread. Then again, I love avocado in just about anything - so I believe I am biased

This is a comfortably decorated restaurant, with lots of windows to let in the natural light accompany your food. Seating was spacious, and they accommodate large and small parties equally well. The first time I went it was with a larger group of people, and we sat in a beautiful room adorned with branches and white lights on one side, and closed off with a thick curtain on the opposite side.

 This has been my third time here, and I've left feeling the service is worth the  tip. It's a great place to come have something simple and that fills you for whatever you have in store for the rest of your day.



It's less than a month until the start of my trip to Malaysia! Being super excited to go, I've already packed nearly all of my clothes. Now I'm just trying to find things to do to make the day go by faster. It seems as though the afternoon goes by so slowly whenever I stay at home... But thankfully I've been occupied well these past few days *yay*

 People tend to like things with smiling faces, no?

A month ago, I made some red bean-filled and coconut-filled buns (made the Asian bakery style way) for a bake sale. I'm not sure how they sold because I just dropped off the 50 buns and left, but having tried both of the buns before handing them off, I can say they are confirmed very legitimate tasting.

Do appearances ever tempt you to buy things you don't want that much?