Thursday, April 11, 2013

Little did I know of just how good this place was because it was bustling with many people even though it was only Thursday (mid)night!

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Did you say 'say'k or 'sah'kay? (It's the latter, by the way)

This bar is rather small, but they've thoughtfully partitioned off some side-by-side tables with linens, to add to the cosiness of the entire place. I suppose the single tealight on each table is supposed to supply to that atmosphere, but it just seemed like a nuisance during our meal.

What's that side dish there in the back? Omurice!

The menus are made for quick decisions as it is divided into 3 (or was it 4?) combo sections, where A is the cheapest, and C (or D) costs the most. Each combo comes with your choice of 5 beers or 1 bottle of soju. We got two combos, both with 5 beers and ordered sake and soju additionally.

Side dishes galore~

Briefly upon placing our order, the lovely waitress comes and brings us a variety of side dishes, which can very well be a meal on its own: a large bowl of iceberg salad with a spicy gojujang-like dressing, another salad topped with sashimi, CHIPS (which are really good, even though I typically don't like to eat chips), soup (I didn't have any), a rice bowl topped with sashimi and seaweed, and lastly, corn niblets topped with cheese that's served on a sizzling plate *two thumbs up*

They make sure you get your vitamins

I believe there were more side dishes, oh yes, and skewered grilled shrimp with the head intact so you can suck the brain and all the good stuff in the head. And a plate of fruits consisting on strawberry, pineapple, and banana. If at anytime, you'd like more side dishes, they'll be glad to give you more (: And throughout the night they just tend to keep giving you more plates of food you never ordered or had the intention of ordering *yay*

Now to the food we ordered from the combo - though the pictures I took do not do justice to the taste, you'll have to just believe me that it all tastes really good (and is perfect midnight food for blowing your mind yet its not rich or greasy: perfect for making you want to eat more)

Spicy chicken with onions, and other veggies

The first that came was the spicy chicken, served on a sizzling plate. If you can't eat spicy food, don't order this. Nothing special, but it was a good kick amongst all the not-at-all-to-a-little-bit-spicy side dishes.

We forgot to squeeze the lemon!

The second is the calamari sashimi, served on a bed of shredded daikon radish with a sesame soy seasoning and lots lots of sesame seeds. No one really touched the ginger or wasabi, so I ended up consuming nearly all of it, as it tastes really good with the daikon.

Getting a shot just after the table leaves

We had a great night/morning there, and the waitresses were all very friendly and willing to provide you with more on-the-house dishes throughout your meal! But the best part is just how cheap the entire bill came to be. Amongst six very full and satisfied people, the cost was about $13 per head.



Although there's still a week or so of school left, my mind has been in summer mode for the past month or so *gasp*

Still, I must muster up my effort to study in order to get through these last days, while thinking of the good food I'll get to enjoy once again when I go back home:

 I eat dimsum quite often, and each time I have to get these two plates:
(left) a crispy chewy glutinous pastry encasing a sweet and salty meat filling
(right) egg tarts

School isn't even over yet and I'm already thinking about all the things that I'll be doing when I'll be free! - places to eat, things to make (to eat of course), people to catch up with (or eating a meal with people you haven't seen in awhile), and other activities regarding food and its consumption.

What are you looking forward to this spring/summer time?