Tuesday, September 09, 2014

The Mid-Autumn Festival just passed, and to celebrate we ate lots of food - like any other Chinese holiday.

So soft and fluffy and sweet potato-y

No pictures of the dinner were taken (I believe we were all too eager to get into the braised pork belly, roasted duck, and vinegary potato carrot side dish). 
I can't remember the last time I took photos of each step of a cooking/baking process. Usually I start off with taking pictures of the ingredients then I get so engrossed into making it that I completely forget that I had planned to photograph each step for a very visual recipe on my blog.

However, this is a very exceptional recipe in that I planned to photograph each step and actually did *yay*

~ Ingredients ~

200 g purple sweet potato, cooked and mashed
200 ml milk

8 egg yolks
70 ml oil
40 g sugar
1/4 tsp salt
120 g flour, sifted

8 egg whites
60 g sugar

~ Method ~

Separate your eggs. Which may or may not be at room temperature, but they really should be to yield egg whites beaten to the perfect type of peaks.
Oops see an egg yolk cracked. But that's okay. The cake will turn out fine as long as there's no yolk in the white.
Mix the cooked, mashed sweet potato and milk. This Japanese sweet potato is delicious on its own but makes a chiffon taste so much better.
I used coconut milk. You can substitute all/some with cow milk, almond milk...
 Add the sugar, oil (an is that more milk I see? Yes I decided to put half the milk in the yolks and the other half in the sweet potato but I really doesn't make a difference) in the yolks and mix.
 Add the sweet potato
 And mix until so. Clumps of sweet potato are okay. Unless you don't like clumps of delicious sweet potato scattered throughout the fluffy cake, where at this point, you should proceed to pass this all through a sieve.
 Sift the flour in, a third at a time, mixing until incorporated after each third goes in.
It looks like a gray cake but I promise the baked result returns a color otherwise.
 Have the 60 g of sugar ready.
Because now you will start whipping on low until it gets really foamy. 
 Then turn it to medium until soft peaks, where you stop the machine and add the sugar in two separate times.
 Beating on high after each addition of sugar, and beating until the peak wilts a little when you lift the beaters out. Don't over beat here or your cake won't be super soft.
 Mix a third of the beaten whites into the yolk mixture. Then fold the yolk mixture into the yolks until no streaks of whites remain.
 Bake 350F for 35 minutes in an oiled fluted pan, or until toothpick comes out clean.
Flip it upside down when you take it out to cool (30-60 minutes)
Slice and serve


I don't remember what this building is called already...

They say that after Mid Autumn Festival, the weather starts becoming considerably chillier. This means colder mornings and breezy late afternoons, which I happen to really enjoy. 
We had warm bread but forgot to room-temperature the butter beforehand, and had to deal with the cold butter *dilemmas*

To soak up the last of the warmer nights, we had dinner, al fresco (sounds better than outdoors doesn't it), two weeks back, when I made this sweet potato cake.

I cannot tell you what I will post next because I am particularly bad at keeping those kinds of promises.

Dear Readers, hurry and get those wind-breaking jackets out from your closets!