Saturday, December 27, 2014

And if you are running out of holiday dessert ideas already, not to fear because here is another one:

You'll need to buy the piping tip #234 (from Wilton), which has many small holes that pipes out stuff to look like long strings of spaghetti (or worms) *ew*

And while you've got your piping tip fitted into the bag full of the smooth puree of chestnut, why not make some mont blancs to go with them? Recipe is right here

Crunchy tart shells work the best with a filling this smooth and creamy. And that perfect tart shell would be a sable breton, though you could go with a flaky crunchy one made with lard too!


If you happen to be short on time with cooking, sashimi is a fast and easy dish.

Buy the sashimi grade from your fish market, keeping it chilled at home until you're ready to cut and serve:

Unwrapping the gift of from the sea

Serve alongside wasabi and soy sauce!

Wishing all my dear readers a healthy weight gain from holiday feasting!