Monday, February 02, 2015

It was a one day thing: starting in the very early morning when the mall was barely opened and only occupied by the other people who were boarding the ferry.

We were just a few days into our HK stay, and already disliking the intense heat outdoors and the intense A/C indoors. 
Malaysia withdrawal was kicking in - the yearning for late night satay and all day durian was on my mind.

I must say I wish I enjoyed Macau a bit more...

Macau in pictures is glorious and so let these snapshots do the rest of the talking:

So maybe I didn't enjoy Macau while I was there, but looking back at it - I love it so much.

Because I got to spend it with my parents and brother

Yes, I gained a considerable amount of weight during my 3 months in Asia, but I'm all back to normal now!



Sat with my legs crossed for a bit too long and now my feet are asleep.

I made a ridiculously tall strawberry mille crepe a few weeks ago and learned a lesson: don't make mille crepes this tall.

Dear readers, when have you last taught yourself a lesson?