Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Do you enjoy school more or work more?

Layers of crepe, chantilly cream, mango, topped with blueberry sauce

It seems I've been answering that question a lot more than any other.
Are you waiting for me to provide you with an answer to that? You'll have to ask me the next time you see me then.

Volume of mangoes > volume of crepes

Now that we're back in Waterloo, it's really cold here, and it also seems that I've forgotten what it feels like when the temperature goes below -15C.

Whenever I see the forecast dip so low, I think in my mind:
"It can't be that bad. Just -18C"

But then when I step outside and happen to walk between two buildings and feel the gush of wind almost literally sweep me off my feet, I, again, think in my mind:
"It is terribly cold."

This cake will not keep you warm. It will, however, attract your closest (and maybe not so close as well) friends to keep you warm (metaphorically).

The last slice(s)

It is when the cake reaches its final slice, that you can determine who are your closest friends (they will either eat it for themselves without hesitation or serve it on your plate while you're eyeing it with laser-like eyes).


My closest friends have often complained about my lack of response while texting. The following is a list of phrases you'll see on my side of the conversation:
(and other one-worded phrases)

Side note: my dad is the official cake cutter in the family. I don't know how to cut them
Yeah, I think I make mille crepes too often too

So this year my new years resolution is to provide more reaction when responding.

Dear readers, how is your new year's resolution coming about?