Wednesday, May 06, 2015

No recipe for this one because my sponge cake recipe is already here:

Mom requested a simple birthday cake 

I'd like to announce that I've landed in California (for a few days now), and all my presumptions of Santa Clara have been shattered and walked-on all-over

I. There is a beach close by. Other than the nicer weather and terrible bus routes, Santa Clara is much like Mississauga.

II. I will find a beachside ice cream shop to work at. Refer to I.

III. I will join a gym and stay fit.  There are no gyms within walking distance of my home here.

IV. I will go on after work/ weekend morning jogs. Laziness has conquered my body.

Tip: When slicing and layering, place the top layer on the bottom, cut side down. This way, even if the baked top is not flat, you can arrange the middle layer on top to ensure a super flat top.

Then, that aside, my Korean has been honed to a point where I can be understood by my landlords and I can understand them as well.

My lack of biking skills has been brought to light. So much so that my landlord suggested against me riding the bike to work in fear that it would cause me more trouble than walking (which is very true - I encounter difficulties in starting the bike on the slightest upwards incline road).

Canned peaches in water are easier and faster to drain upon a moment's notice than that canned in juice (thicker and may seep all over the whipped cream topping)

Not surprisingly, my sweet tooth has stayed closely by my side, constantly reminding myself to eat dessert again, and again (which has been half-replaced by the never ending supply of fruits at work). 


I said I would give you a recipe for making that super crispy skinned peking duck:

I. buy chinese style roasted duck from the place that makes it the best. Tell them not to cut it for you.
II. At home, right before you serve the duck, heat a deep pot of oil (1 inch)
III. When the oil bubbles when you put a chopstick in, hold the duck by the neck, legs in the pot.
IV. Ladle the super hot oil all over the duck so the skin sizzles and crisps.
V. Serve with homemade crepes, cucumber slices, green onion, hoisin sauce

Next post is based on the ever so hyped Uncle Tetsu's Cheesecake, which I made at home because no one wants to wait in line for 2 hours and be limited to just buy 1 of his delicious cheesecakes.

Dear Readers, go stock up on some cream cheese already!