Sunday, May 03, 2015

Round II:
Having missed two of our beloved friends earlier, we met them at K-pocha, our Mississauga gathering place for 2-ish years.

In the past (summer time) they gave out copious side dishes, including white pickled radish, bean sprouts, spicy cold tofu.

Now its just their staple thousand island cabbage salad and buttered corn.

Best corn is still sake bar before they've changed owners and its was cheesy and buttery and sizzling on the hot plate.

K-pocha is good for food and good for drinks. We just get combos every time - the choices from the combo menu encompass all the good dishes from their overall menu. Anything spicy is good, and anything "fried chicken" is good. 

Needless to say, the spicy fried chicken is very good.

The very necessary string of Christmas lights in your Korean bar

What other comments? Let's see:

Birthdays = free shots
Spicy pork is very yummy
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Well then this has become a very disappointing post - I've been trying to dig up some old food pictures from K-Pocha but can't find any.

So then I will let you decide how good this place is by going there for yourself.


Customer loyalty exists when you go to family owned stores:

Where you can get extra salmon belly.

Dear Readers, do you take advantage of knowing your local markets?