Wednesday, May 20, 2015

At one point the guys came here so often (at least once a week) that they were all chummy with the owner and all the waitresses/waiters.

But then they started discovering the other Asian bars (because our favourite waitress stopped working at Sake and went to O-Bar).

And I almost didn't go to Sake Bar ever again, until the guys found out they were going under reno and changed owners as well. It is now changed from Korean to Japanese (no side dishes and no creamy corn on a sizzling plate). Yes, the waitresses are Japanese too!

More upscale than Sake Bar prior to owner change, and food is better (so you can enjoy even if you're sober)

Sashimi salad. A large bed of assorted veggies and a hearty serving of chopped sashimi. Spicy, tangy, sweet dressing with a bowl of rice, mixed like bibimbap. Good

Chirashi. Chopped sashimi, avocadoes, rice and my fave Kewpie mayo. Okay

Ikayaki. Grilled squid, so tender and not chewy at all. So fun to eat sauce was good too. Good

Karaage. Pretty looking but nothing to special about taste. Okay

Nuggets cut on the diagonal, alfalfa sprouts (which are super popular in sandwiches here in Santa Clara). Just regular nuggets, no comment

We had Sapporo and Canadians that night.

No more cloth to separate the booths, they have real booths now
The dolls on the side stayed. The red lights are all new

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We went to SF this week, visited Dolores Park, and a few places which I do not remember the name of (as usual). Food was eaten, pictures were taken.

My SF excursion will be shared next week!

Dear readers, have you made your summer vacation plans yet?