Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Last month we drove from Bay Area down the coast on Hwy 1 to Los Angeles:

Some beach with no one but that couple we third wheeled from far away

Big Sur

"It's like mother nature taking a piss"

We even saw seals at Elephant Seal 

 And stopped at many, many scenic spots

Being the stuck in the car, food lacking people we were, the tacos were amazing. But so difficult to eat. If it was possible to eat such a large taco in a manner that was just as easy as pizza, or heck, even a burger, I would eat it 10 times more often (who am I kidding, maybe just 2 times more often, or 1.5).

Fish was fried (they asked how I'd like it). I got avocado added, and hot sauce. Cabbage made it super refreshing even though eating the entire taco made you feel damn full, but I ended up with half the veggies on my plate cause it all kept falling out. Okay

Our scenic drive ended with a 2 hour drive at Camarillo Premium Outlets, another hour ish drive (? I don't know the time actually), then a very satisfying korean barbeque (up next)


Where's the food Vicki?

Yeah I'll be getting to that next...


Dear readers, breathe in these nature pictures with me please.