Tuesday, July 07, 2015

San Francisco has been feeding my belly quite well. We started our first meal of the day at a Thai restaurant run by Thai people:

They serve refreshing sugar cane water upon arrival

Minced pork and pork ball noodle soup. Very homey feel

Super flavour-full of lemongrass, thai basil, tamarind, green chilli. Dotted with pork, mushrooms, and thai eggplants. Will clear any runny nose and wake any sleepy person. (was my order hence the lengthy description). Love

Sexy Thai lamb, mango salad

Pineapple fried rice

Grilled pork I believe


So I've been really neglecting this. And I have my reasons:

After work is making/eating dinner, then the gym, or too tired to do anything that requires the computer because I already spend 8 hours staring at the screen typing away... *type type type*

We started another day (of shopping) with some In-N-Out. I got mine protein style (no buns)

My first Cali ramen was rather un-eye opening. But a better one is coming up soon. This place was so not impressive that I don't even remember the name and am not even going to bother to look through my pictures to see the picture of their front sign that I took.

Dear readers, stay with me here!