Monday, August 24, 2015

I've been told by many that this is over-hyped.

So I didn't go in with much expectation. Actually you can't even go in cause it's this walk-by, in-the-side-of-a-building establishment.

Ramen is rather bland - tastes like ramen before you put in the MSG packet

Burger is teriyaki tasting burger
With a sad lettuce that is wilted from the heat and moisture of the ramen and burger meat

We got cheese fries and seaweed fries too. Not super special. Would rather have a serving of Costco fries or unsalted McD's with mayoooooo

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I love bananas, especially the mini ones (they do taste different, a different sweetness) so I asked if I could buy a single one

The vendor looked at me like, Is this girl serious, did she really ask for a single one? then proceeded to give me a single banana for free


We passed by a morning Mexican food market on the way to ramen burger, which I demanded we checkout when we finished our business there.

rI got guava which was sprinkled with lime juice, salt and chili. Not like the sour/salty guava topping from Malaysia that I had expected at all.
Much regret.

Dear readers, I think this is the end of my LA part 1 posts!