Monday, September 07, 2015

Recommended by a coworker who gave me a long list of places to go to, of which I only really tried one (Vallarta Express).

This place was so cheap and so delicious that we went there twice (during our San Diego stay of 2 days).

Their caesar salad is not made with ranch (thank God), but a creamy, light, and refreshing cilantro dressing I tried to replicate at home and failed terribly.

We got grilled chicken to top the salad on the first day and grilled shrimp the second day. But honestly speaking, this salad would have been delicious sans meat/seafood. All you needed was that crispy romaine and the dressing. Will order every time

Look that's me

Chimichanga (deep fried burrito) was eaten on top of a rock overlooking La Jolla beach because we couldn't find any parking anywhere remotely close to the beach *tears*

Between myself and two hungry boys we were stuffed with the food and plethora of sauces that accompanied our food. guac, sour cream, red salsa, green salsa, some other stuff - all equally delicious and worked together harmoniously. Good

We also got the Surf n Turf burrito but never got to it because too full, ate it later in the car. Okay

Vallarta Express Mexican Eatery Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Our next day's Vallarta was the salad again and a meat dish (steak, was it?)

Eaten on Huntington beach, Los Angeles

I was going to enjoy my afternoon Starbucks laying down in the sand, but finished the iced double shot in < 30 seconds cause the caffeine withdrawal was catching up quick.


Near the end of our San Diego Zoo visit a peacock popped out in front of us and started to guide us through the zoo.
Looked pretty smelled like shit

Until much later when it hopped over the fence to where the tortoises are and started drinking their water. 

Getting like a gazillion shots of the peacock here

That was the end of our peacock-guided tour.

Dear readers, what is your favourite animal in the zoo?