Friday, October 16, 2015

We actually wanted to try some pepper lunch that night.
Actually we wanted to go to this all-you-can-eat Japanese restaurant that night. When we were seated (at the Japanese place) we realized their menu didn't have sashimi. Which was going to be 80% of what we were going to eat.
It seems Santa Clara/San Jose isn't big on ayce Japanese.
So we went back to the Markham-esque plaza in Milpitas (it was around 2200 I believe). And maybe wanted pepper lunch, but it was closed.
And Sizzling Stone was almost closed. We made it just in time *yay*
I shared the kids bibimbap, soon tofu, and beef short ribs with friend.
The kids style is the same as the regular one (cooked in stone pot, and mixed for you), just not served in stone pot. The portion was generous. I could not finish, although I > child.
The kids one came with capri sun. It was cherry flavoured. I don't drink juice and they didn't have any other flavours, so we returned the drink back to them LOL
They had a self serve cutlery, water, sauce station. The sauces were: curry, teriyaki, spicy, mild. I mixed the teriyaki and spicy (it was sweet and spicy then)
Kimchi was a grated cabbage not fermented at all. Chopped up well so you can mix it into your rice.
I've read this place is like Chipotle but for Bibimbap. Accurate description.
Your choices: 3 kinds of rice, as many veggies as you want, 4 (?) kinds of meat, and +egg.
Then they grill it on the stone pot for you.
Sizzling Stone Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


Rarely do I purchase gifts for friend's birthdays.
Instead I'll bake them a birthday cake(s):
Strawberry mousse for a strawberry loving friend
Japanese cheesecake because I wanted to eat that as well

Dear readers, Happy Birthday to all you October babies!