Friday, December 01, 2017

Grocery shopping is sometimes a chore, or a task to cross off your list, but quite the exciting trip for me. You know that feeling that little kids get when they walk into a toy store?

Equivalent of myself in a grocery store. I tend to have shoukugeki no souma reactions when grocery shopping. My cousin is never impressed and is never ready to deal with this hyper-excited child.

But how to contain oneself when you see this one (AND it's on sale): 
THAT MARBLING. Regretting that I did not buy two (or three). At least we could have had some more the day after.
Can't go to Mitsuwa without picking up sashimi. I'm currently reliving the moment as I type away and drool over this picture
Oh yessssssssss
My all time fav - hamachi. So fatty and finely marbled. *drooooool*
This was all we had for dinner. I kid you not. Somehow it was enough to satisfy two tummies.
This is the stuff that appears in my dreams. Cue shoukugeki no souma reactions.
Had to pepper and salt this using the abundance of salt and pepper packets acquired from Chik-Fil-A. Quick sear on all sides
Do you watch Shoukugeki no Souma? The meat girl. I felt like the meat girl as I was cooking this, and as I cut that first slice.
Back to the sashimi. The beloved hamachi and chutoro.
Wishing my weekly sashimi meals were a daily thing. This ootoro was lovely. 
Pretty convinced that staying at home for meals like this is an astronomically greater deal. I cannot fathom the bill at the end of the meal if I had these for dinner at a restaurant. We ate this with freshly grated wasabi (Mitsuwa is the besttt)
Bubbly sake
IT'S PINK = VICKI MUST PURCHASE. Who cares about the taste. (although it tastes pretty good)
Chik-Fil-A is always on promotional stuff on Postmates LA. Cousin stocks up on sauce. I don't think we ever made use of them though. CORRECTION: Cousin brought them all back home with him. Did not offer me any at all.