Friday, December 15, 2017

I love red wines. The extra dry, preferably at 2g/L, not so fruity but oak-y. Can't say I've had a large variety of them, but I can say I know which ones I tend to like, so here I will share some of them and share some specifically from Gerard Bertrand (GB)!

I have a tendency to prefer southern Rhone blends on the dry side - perhaps that is how I have taken a liking to these GBs!

I bought from The Market (the grocery store is simply named that) from across the street while in SF, and tasted GB's Languedoc for the first time. So good that when I came back I needed to see if LCBO stocks it.
At 2g/L and being considered an extra dry, immediately that's +20 points for me.
Yes, found plenty of GB in LCBO and this is where the GB adventures began...
Smooth, extra dry and a very pleasant go-to red (the Languedoc). Good on its own, with cheese/meats, and a full out meal. The 2013 one seems to be well stocked in LCBOs here. And is one of the reds that I enjoy frequently. Does not disappoint.
Is there any difference between the 2011 and 2013? Perhaps. But really hard to test that difference out because the 2011 is no where to be found around me.
Tastes oakier and deeper than the Languedoc; requires shorter aerating time to taste delicious. Makes Languedoc almost fruiter in comparison. But again, like the Languedoc, it is smooth on the tongue.
Also a 2g/L one, and extra dry.

Also had this a few times. My drinking girl friend and I believe that it is better than our staple Languedoc. Is it the addition of Mourvedre? Only had the 2013 La Clapes and would love to try other ones. I believe both La Clape and Languedoc would age well kept a few more years.

To be very honest. I do not remember drinking this wine at all. Heck that thumb doesn't even look like mine (my nails are never cut that way) - who was it?! Must have been a couple bottles into the night when this was opened. Purchased in SF and have not found in LCBO yet. No comment.
The blend seems quite promising - I love Grenache-Syrahs. Not sure how the Mourvedre would come into play, but seeing how it blended well in La Clape, I'd really like to try this one a bit more sober.

Was never a fan of Cab Sauvs, not too sure why? It definitely feels more acidic, but this is also a much younger wine. We had bought it because it was a twist off (good for when you're a few bottles in and cannot operate the corkscrew). We did not have this a few bottles in, to see how it tasted. Seems like we did not like it at first, so let it decant for some time.
Still not a fan.

Pretty gooood! I wonder if this is what the Corbieres could have tasted like. Quite fruity, floral, and in plain words, tastes more like a juice. May not be buying this one again - but it was fun to try. Great to drink with some peanuts and other dry snacks.
Comes in at 6g/L

Very fruity notes on this one. We found this during our hour long LCBO trip, and had not seen this one before. Not bad, but not our preferred taste. Still very full bodied, smooth, but fruity.

Besides the twist of Cab Sauv, this is another one we did not like so much from GB. It had a sticker on the bottle saying some 91 points stuff, and we thought, yes must buy and try. It's very acidic and sweet, perhaps needs more air time, and some different food to pair alongside.
Never ended up buying another bottle to try again because we've lean towards ones we know we like or new ones we have not yet tried.
Low stock! Seems like other people also like this one. We bought both remaining on the shelf

That time we spent an hour in LCBO. They asked if we were doing Christmas shopping. We said yes! [Christmas shopping for ourselves]

My drinking friend used to say, ok we just buy one bottle (or two), and grab the little basket. But then each time we resort back to the cart because it's always > 4 bottles by the end of the trip.