Saturday, November 03, 2012

My oh my, I've been neglecting blogging for quite a while - I blame it on midterms and my natural tendency to fleet away to dramas as my form of procrastination. I just started watching another one (that my best friend/girlfriend began watching last week, and we both have come to a consensus that I will somehow finish before her).

Anyway, I had to get my cavities filled a few weeks ago T_T, and Daddy drove me there, after breaking my fast with a nice indulging choice of food:

The pineapple bun with a nice slice of butter...

I love it! Especially when it's toasted and the butter is nice and cold. And when the cookie crust magically doesn't crumble and fall off the bun when you eat it (which sadly, happens much less often that I wish it would). The funny thing is, this bun tastes nothing like pineapple, and I suppose you could read more about it here

Last week I went to the farmer's market with my friend, although it was a rather on-and-off rainy day. We came across too many groceries! I was really taken aback and had to hold in my excitement even before we reached the first stall...

Brussel sprouts, anyone?

It was hard to decide what was worth buying, so we scouted the entire place before making our purchases (which had another plus side, since near the end of the day there are more specials when they try to get rid of their stuff). 

So many grapes, but we didn't buy any! (They were on sale and cheaper at Sobeys).

We bought two boxes each of strawberry and blackberry, and later that night - well, I'll get to that later,  as an attempt to make this post much more chronologically ordered. 

It was lunch time soon, so we needed to eat, and we chose perogies with the cabbage roll, but sadly, I completely forgot to whip out my camera, and only when we finished did I remember to take pictures. But! I've learned a lesson from this mistake and was ready to capture the action at the Apple Fritter stall:

The apple peeling/coring/slicing machine, and the splattered remnants of the apples

We've finally reached the payment counter!

Of all the food vendors, I must say that this one had the longest line, and after taking a bite of the melt-in-your-mouth apple fritter, I could really understand why people were willing to wait.

I sprinkled extra cinnamon because I love to top things with cinnamon whenever it's available.

This satisfied my craving for doughnuts and cinnamon-y stuff all in one deep fried package.

But wait! We aren't done eating yet:

Dips/chutneys in a plethora of flavours

We taste tested everything we could. From hummus to fresh fruit, bread to salami - it was probably on par with the amount of food we consumed for lunch. 


I don't know why I took this picture. I don't even really like fudge (in general, I don't like really sweet stuff that much... but the occasional bite or two won't hurt).

And when our shopping bags were full to the brim, we waited back at the bus for our ride back.

My 14$ Timberland boots (on the right)!

No, they weren't 14$ hand me downs, nor did they have defects - they were brand new, beautifully made, actually waterproof (I had to test it out for myself to believe it), and really warm, and bought at the legit Timberland outlet. Yes, you should be jealous.

Oh! I forgot to mention the two enormous bags of cut and washed romaine lettuce that the berry-selling lady gave to us for free!! And so part of our dinner was composed of salad. I also had salad for a few days after that.

Tossed in a mix of mayonnaise, lemon, black pepper, and honey.

Strawberry, medium boiled egg, salt soaked and rinsed sliced cucumbers

Smoked bacon, why have I never eaten you earlier in my life?

You must try some if you ever come across it. It has a nice texture that reminds me a lot of sashimi, but with smokier taste. 

Salad, topped with roasted sesame seeds

I like to have refreshing salads, so I guess I would veer towards the vinaigrette dressings, as opposed to creamier ones... Forgive me for trying to be bit more healthy once in awhile. 

But here's me turning back to my usual unhealthy self: We decided to turn block of cheddar that's been sitting in the fridge for a couple of days into a lovely topping for our creamy cauliflower bake:

A creamy bechamel with cauliflower. Topped with ground almonds and lots of cheddar.

I swear, anything that's creamy/cheesey tastes sooo much better.

With the red leaf lettuce in the fridge that also needs to be eaten, I topped it with a triscuit, some sour cream and a nice spoonful of chipotle tuna...


...then wrapped it up and enjoyed myself for a bit.

With the remaining berries that had to be eaten somehow, we sliced and doused with sugar and ate, but reserved some for a mousse that I wanted to make some time back but for some reason never made.

It's a really simple and easy mousse! Just an egg white or two, a half or full cup of sugar (if you're using one or two whites, respectively), and a bunch of berries! Dump all three things in a bowl and whip/beat with your electric mixer and it turns magically fluffy and mousse-like in minutes. 

The lighter color one is strawberry mousse, and the darker one is blackberry.

We had leftovers since I underestimated how much it would yield, and came up with what I soon discovered to be a brilliant idea: to freeze the mousse. 

The same mousse, but frozen, and with banana.

When not frozen, the mousse just tastes like flavoured meringue, but when frozen, it's like a really light sherbet, or even gelato, but definitely not as firm and creamy. 

Salad dressed the same way as before, but this time with apples from the market, and eggs, again. 

Did you want more food pictures? Please wait eagerly for my next post (I have the pictures all ready to go), and hope that my drama-watching doesn't consume too much of my time!



OH! And since we are in the midst of the Halloween, I should announce that my costume (which matches with the best friend/girlfriend) is rather really awesome because my mom and I stayed up until 0230 in the morning making it (it only took  2 and a half hours!), and cost us a total of 12$!

Please anticipate that tooo, on instagram/twitter~

Best friend/girlfriend remarked that I should post up recipes/step-by-step photos to demonstrate my cooking, and not just post up the final results of my time in the kitchen. 

What do you think? 

Would you enjoy my blog more if I taught you how to make food?
Because that way, you'll be able to eat the food I make alongside me, like this:

So, click the add a comment link and let me knowwwwww :)